what is Google + ???

Google + is a very new social network ....released 2 days ago ,...but it still closed only for some people ....as it is still under observation.
And the company don't want to make a load on it.and i was on of the lucky guys who are invited to join it .

So...on this topic i'm going to try telling you what is my feedback and experience of  "Google +".

first google gather the people you know in circles (like lists in facebook) circle of friends,family,mates,....etc
and the way to control privacy is very easy far away from facebook as you can disable sharing your own post,video,link....etc and you can also disable comments on it  and you can edit your comments at any time without deleting it and you can also share any thing not only links or videos (i mean text) (Full Control).

the site is very dynamic as you can see the notifications (posts,images,links,videos.....etc) and comment on them at the same page depending on (AJAX).

it also have 2 types of chatting an ordinary one connected to gmail ,And the other one called "Hangout" which enables you to contact up to 10 friends in a video confrence.

it also have a place locator with each status (optional) like twitter depending on "google earth".

And the best from my opinion is "sparks" which enables you to find every thing about all of your interested in ....and believe me when i say Every thing :D

and you can invite people by many ways the easiest one is to add them to one of your circles (friends circle ,family circle.....etc) but it's recently closed.

i guess this is because some news i read about at morning saying
  " Google + invitation for 20$ on ebay " :D

and for sure they didn't for get Google + for mobiles

fun text decoration tips from a googler:

bold is with * *
strike is with - -
italics is with _ _

and now i leave you with some videos for more explaination :)

Google sparks


Google Circles 

Google+ for Mobiles 

and you can find more videos at Google official channel from Here .

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